Soporte Pastoral, A program of Hope Fellowship Outreach, Inc.

Hope Fellowship Outreach supports Christian Ministries in Costa Rica, by receiving tax deductible donations from US residents and transferring them to the ministries.  Our newest program is Soporte Pastoral (Pastoral Support) Program.  This program came from our belief that it is better to build the Kingdom of God in 10 churches of 100 rather than 1 church of 1,000.

HISTORY: Historically, local pastors in Costa Rica are on their own without support. They prefer to be the captains of their own ship, and we celebrate this!  However, their growth can be stunted due to lack of resources, no assistance, no respite care and just the stagnation of ideas and lack of fellowship with other pastors.  They are working as a pastor as their second job.  Additionally, and understandably, they have been hesitant to associate their congregations with others for fear of being taken over or their program being overshadowed, renamed and controlled by a (usually) larger group. Paramount, we assist the pastors in growing their programs where they are planted. Our ministry remains invisible to their congregations. 

VISION: To assist pastors in small barrio churches of Costa Rica, develop strong church leaders to disciple others in the community, and to build the local church into a dependable and reliable resource to the community. This will be done by mentoring of the pastors and their church leaders, providing equipment and education materials, and offering financial assistance where possible.

CONCEPT: Soporte Pastoral is a tool to be used to expand the Kingdom of Heaven in Costa Rica by providing pastors in small local communities with the tools, training, mentoring support and a stipend for their personal support and facility development. The purpose of the program is to build the Kingdom of Heaven, not the program.  The Pastoral Support Program believes it is better to build 10 congregations of 100 rather than 1 congregation of 1,000.

Pastor Pablo and Etilma Dominguez in Belen, Costa Rica

Pastor Pablo and his wife Etilma lead a church in Belen, Costa Rica. They built their structure from nothing. Every week they minister to “the least of these” and are in desperate need of supplies. Pastor Pablo is very passionate about building his discipleship program. Please pray for Renacer Church and consider partnering with them to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Carlos and Maria Yalmar near Tablato, Sardinal, Costa Rica

Pastor Yalmar and his wife Maria lead the small church near the Lakeside School.  They have built their worship shelter from their own funds, and own other property to develop as funds become available. We hope to find monthly support to fund this pastor and his great program well into the future!

Pastor Carlos and Eufemia Lopez in Martina Bustos, Costa Rica

Pastor Carlos and his wife Eufemiand are two very special people. They shepherd a flock in Martina Bustos and run a program for 60 children every week. They have very minimal support and are in need of both educational materials and physical goods including food for hungry children! Will you pray and consider partnering with this gospel centered church?

Pastor Odir and Katia Sarrano in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

Pastor Odir Sarrano and his wife Katia lead the small church Inglesa Biblica Gyaybal.  Gyaybal is a barrio outside of Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. Pastor Odir has been able to accomplish much in the past several years, and now has a thriving congregation. Providing training materials, mentoring, and the community that the Soporte Pastoral program is designed for, has afforded encouragement.  Just a hand on the shoulder makes a difference.

Mission Opportunities

We continue to host mission teams-groups that provide medical and dental services to our supported churches, teams that have ministered to the community and youth, and construction teams.

If you are planning on visiting Costa Rica, we would love to take you on a road trip to visit our pastors. Just click the button below, and let us know your itinerary.

Help Our Cause

Your generous tax deductible donation will fund the training, mentoring, educational materials and financial stipend for local pastors with no support. Meal centers and other physical needs will be met so that the gospel can be spread more easily throughout Costa Rica, and the world.